Seacrest Studios At Children's Hospital Colorado Packed For A Visit With Twenty One Pilots!

Twenty One Pilots walked into a packed Seacrest Studio at Children's Hospital Colorado to meet some amazing kids and field a few especially witty and thoughtful questions.

 Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, the duo that makes up Twenty One Pilots, discussed a wide range of topics, including what got them into music—Josh said that he'd typically rather speak through his music, especially his drums, than talk on a microphone (though we're glad he talked to us on our microphone!) In response to a particularly hilarious question, Tyler took us on a deep dive into the intricate details of shaping and answering Would You Rather questions while on long drives during their first tour—turns out it's not as easy as it seems given that a single question could be debated and answered for many hours. 

The pair nailed the familiar phrase "Twenty One Pilots" during their turn at Backwards Forwards and they got a chance to meet a TON of their biggest fans. Many thanks to our new friends, Tyler and Josh, we hope we get to see you again soon!