Seacrest Studios at CHOC Takes Virtual Trip to Australia with YDE

Seacrest Studios at CHOC talked with YDE, an up-and-coming artist well-known by patients as an actress on Nickelodeon’s The Haunted Hathaways and School of Rock.

When YDE is not jamming out on TV shows, she’s creating music of her own.  The singer released her debut single, Stopped Buying Diamonds, last year and was delighted to tell patients at CHOC all about her life and career.

To make this virtual visit even more special, YDE joined the CHOC Studio all the way from Australia! CHOC patient Kevin joined the visit inside Seacrest Studios asking YDE what fun activities there are to do in Australia for someone who has never been.

YDE lit up at the question, immediately listing some thrilling activities for a new Sydney visitor.  From walking across the Sydney Harbor Bridge to taking a helicopter ride around the area, YDE said nothing is really off limits.

“Australia is one of those places that is very outdoors,” YDE said.  “You get to have fun and explore.”

Outside of music and acting, you might catch YDE on the slopes.  She told CHOC patient Gregory that snowboarding is her favorite activity when she is not working.  She said she misses America right now because it is summer over in Australia and she can’t snowboard right now!

Patient Damien challenged YDE to a Mario Kart tournament and wanted to know who her favorite character is in the game.  YDE passionately replied “Bowser!” after telling us the cast of School of Rock would play the game on set all the time. 

The patients at CHOC's Seacrest Studios could feel YDE’s joy from across the continents.  Thanks for the visit!