Seacrest Studios Gets A Visit From KONGOS

Written Recap By: Suzanne Mathews

The four brothers that make up the band KONGOS made the children of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center feel like an extension of family during a visit filled with fun and laughter at Seacrest Studios.

Johnny, Jesse, Dylan, and Daniel responded to questions from a teen patient who wanted to know, “Why do boy bands where tight jeans?” Johnny said that he does not wear tight jeans and Dylan asked if his were too tight.

Our patients were fascinated to hear about their country of origin, South Africa, and the differences in weather. They also loved learning about the KONGOS father’s influence. He, too, is a musician. They all grew up playing instruments and joked that they became musicians to avoid finding real jobs.

An adorable three-year-old girl brought her doll to the studio, and the doll did somersaults back and forth on the floor between her and the band members. Daniel and Dylan agreed that it was so fun they might have to get a somersaulting doll for the tour bus. It was a great visit in studio... many thanks to KONGOS!