Seacrest Studios Goes Country With Kellie Pickler!

Recap by Mamie Shepherd

Seacrest Studios at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, TN was featured on an episode of Kellie Pickler's CMT reality show, "I Love Kellie Pickler."  

What an amazing experience this was for patients and families to not only get to meet country music's sweetheart, but also participate in a real television show! The episode brought Kellie and her singer/songwriter husband, Kyle Jacobs, to the studio and the laughs they generate cannot be contained!  Kellie charmed her way into the hearts of everyone at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital!  

During her visit, she brought friends Ken Johnson, and Andi Zack-Johnson, along with her. This husband-wife duo, also known as Huck & Lilly, may be recognized by children for their work on the album, There's A Tree Growing in my Room!  Ken and Andi brought contagious joy, wonderful music, and a fun sense of humor to the happy experience we all had at Seacrest Studios. Patients and families were entertained by all of the fun during a Q&A session with Kellie.  Her answers were hilarious, and the giggles were non-stop!  

We also learned how to Whip/Nae Nae and we enjoyed a funny version of Hospital Relay Challenge played by Kellie and her friends! Kellie did pause from the laughs long enough to speak with patients about the importance of keeping good company - something we most certainly did when she came to the studio! 

Our thanks to Kellie, Kyle, Andi, and Ken for a fun afternoon - one we will re-live this season on "I Love Kellie Pickler"!