Seacrest Studios Orlando - Intern Showcase

Christian Valdez
University of Central Florida ‘22

Christian is a senior finishing his last semester at the University of Central Florida. Majoring in digital media has allowed him to gain experience with web design and discover a love for digital art and video production. He uses those skills to design custom apparel and craft videos using stock footage. He didn’t know what to expect from the internship with Seacrest Studios, but being a member of the founding group of interns at Arnold Palmer Hospital allowed him to be a part of something that made people happy. With graduation around the corner, he could not have imagined spending his last semester of college any other way or with any other group of people.

“Seacrest Studios strives to spread positivity to patients. Always remember that your involvement here carries weight because you’re a small piece of something bigger than yourself.”

Annie Hunter
Rollins College ‘23

Annie is a senior at Rollins College and is currently studying communication and English. She is passionate about media, creativity, and uplifting others. Annie is originally from Winter Park, Florida, which is where she discovered her love for writing and storytelling from a young age. She hopes to combine her love for people, writing, and creativity in her future career. Her favorite parts of being a Seacrest Studios Intern were working as part of an encouraging team of people and helping to create and share joy with patients and families. Annie is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be an intern with Seacrest Studios and will be forever impacted by her experience.

“Seacrest Studios is the embodiment of joy, kindness, light, and positivity - I am forever grateful for and changed by the time I spent here.”

Reese Aron
University of Central Florida ‘25

Reese Aron is a sophomore at the University of Central Florida, majoring in both human communications and marketing. She cares for those around her, always making sure to do things for them, enjoys hanging out with her friends, and finds ways to get involved and remain busy. As a sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma, she has learned to “Dream Boldly, Live Fully” as she still aspires to be a late-night TV show host one day. Currently, she is on the Knight-Thon executive board as the Participant Communication Director. Knight-Thon first introduced her to what Seacrest Studios is and interning there at the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children has truly been life changing for her.

“Seacrest Studios has shown me that changing the world can be done; each time a patient enters the studio, their worlds are filled with brightness that is everlasting”

Vicky Gonzalez
University of Central Florida ‘24

Vicky is a student from the University of Central Florida where she is currently majoring in digital media under the game design track. She has had a passion for art ever since she could scribble on her parents’ walls and aspires to use her skills to produce video games in the future. As a Seacrest studio intern, Vicky had an opportunity to connect with the kids over games and pop culture while creating fun programs they can enjoy.

“The best part of my day was visiting the patients’ rooms with prizes and seeing them smile.”

Skylar McCarty
University of Central Florida ‘23

Skylar McCarty is a Senior studying Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Central Florida. Skylar is very passionate about serving others and spreading positivity. Her favorite part about being a Seacrest Studios intern was being able to positively impact the lives of patients and families and gain professional experience. She can be found volunteering, at the beach, or painting in her free time. Skylar also serves on Knight-Thon’s executive board as the Assistant Productions Director where she produces content to promote Knight-Thon and raise awareness and funds for Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

"Interning at Seacrest Studios was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I’m incredibly grateful for. In only a short period of time, I was able to leave Seacrest Studios feeling like I made a lasting impact."

Sofia Peña
University of Central Florida ‘22

As a health services administration major, Sofia stepped out of her comfort zone in picking the Ryan Seacrest Foundation as her internship and was so glad she did. The friendships and patient experiences were more than she could’ve asked for and will always be thankful for her time spent there.

"Thank you to the Foundation and the staff at the studio for supplying me with knowledge and memories of a lifetime!”

Isabella Tenorio
University of Central Florida ‘24

Isabella is studying media production and management focused on the production track. She is also double minoring in film and international business. Her future goals are set to work within the film industry and seeing her name in the credits of your favorite films.

"If you are interested in production, creating shows, or having a good laugh then Seacrest Studios has it all. It was an experience I will look back on frequently and I enjoyed every moment in the studio!"