Seacrest Studios... Siwanator Style!

Yesterday was a D.R.E.A.M as patients from Seacrest Studios across the country tuned in for a special virtual visit with 17-year-old YouTube & TikTok sensation JoJo Siwa! Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, the pair started off with an update on JoJo’s most recent project, Bounce, with Will Smith. Bounce tells the heartwarming story of a teenage girl who wishes she could trade her family for a new one on Christmas Eve.

After an exclusive scoop on her first feature film, patients at CHOC Children’s kicked off the special call with questions from Sophia and Morgan. After teaching Sophia, the ins and outs of setting up a YouTube Channel, Morgan asked JoJo, “What inspires you to write songs?” JoJo quickly responded, telling patients “Whatever is happening in my life at the moment, or however I am feeling in the moment” inspires her songwriting.

From Orange County, the Worldwide Party continued all the way to Nashville, TN where Stephanie and Ousley were anxiously waiting to talk to JoJo and Ryan. It was here that we learned Ryan and JoJo share a favorite color: Sparkles! In Cincinnati, JoJo and Ryan helped Emma celebrate her 8th birthday Siwanator style.

Later in the visit, some Everyday Popstars from Charlotte, Denver and D.C. asked their carefully crafted questions about pets, favorite ice cream flavors, music and gymnastics. Gabriella, who called in with her sister Ava, wanted to know, “How do you stay positive and happy when things get hard?” Answering a very important question for patients all over the country, JoJo shared, “It’s okay to let things be hard sometimes. The best thing I can do is be with the people who I love most… They cheer me up whenever I am down.” This sentiment resonated with patients tuning in from each studio.  

A quick boomerang from D.C. to Boston introduced us to Shi Shi, who instantly asked to virtually dance with JoJo. Even with no music playing, their moves lit up the call! In another room, Ava inquired about her favorite costume. JoJo shared her love for the baseball uniform and rhinestone high tops that made an appearance in the music video for her hit song, “High Top Shoes”.

Wrapping up the visit in Dallas, TX, JoJo performed a quick rendition of “Kid In A Candy Store” featuring Serenity and Ryan. We’ll all be waiting for a full version of the masterpiece! Before ending the call, patients got the most exciting insight of all: Ja’Niyah asked about the infamous slide in JoJo’s bedroom, which has now been replaced 4,000 pounds of candy! Talking with you could not be sweeter, JoJo! We can’t wait to have you join us in Seacrest Studios again soon.