Seacrest Studios Welcomed Stephenie Meyer And The Actors Of The Host!

Written by Lauren Devoll

Children’s Medical Center of Dallas received a large and exciting group of visitors when author of the Twilight series, Stephenie Meyer, and actors from the film adaption of her latest book, The Host, stopped by Seacrest Studios. Meyer, Max Irons, Jake Abel and Chandler Canterbury answered questions, spoke about their experiences, and signed posters for giddy patients and guests. Meyer gave listeners an inside glimpse of her writing process. She never thought Twilight would become such a sensation. After spending a year writing The Host, she had similar hesitations. “I didn’t even think The Host could be made into a movie,” she said. But she has enjoyed watching her words come to the big screen with help from directors and actors.

Abel and Irons answered questions about their auditions and the fear of not getting cast. “We actually didn’t think we’d get the parts,” Abel remarked. “All the other guys had muscles,” he chuckled. Irons reminded listeners interested in acting or writing that they should be proactive and not afraid to start. The staff hosts were joined in this interview by a patient through Skype. A Twilight fanatic, she asked Meyer insightful questions and even got the actors to sing a Justin Bieber song on air. Many thanks to Stephenie Meyer, Max Irons, Jake Abel and Chandler Canterbury for spending some time with us!