Selena Gomez Serenades Fans At ‘The Voice’ Opening in Philadelphia [AUDIO]

Selena Gomez joined Ryan Seacrest in launching the second closed-circuit media center called “The Voice” in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Friday morning, and gave an impromptu performance alongside CHOP heart patient, Julia. Julia begins playing on her guitar Selena’s smash hit “Who Says” to which Selena begins singing, and thereby creating a wonderfully special moment between both girls. Only to be joined momentarily by a singing Mr. Seacrest! Watch the video below, and learn how you can participate in “The Voice.”

Watch Our New Video About “The Voice!” & Find Out How You Can Help!

‘The Voice’ studios serve as creative outlets for sick and injured children who have spent the majority of their lives in a hospital bed. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation as well as partners Coca-Cola and E! News assist in funding the construction of the studios, including the original ‘The Voice’ media center in the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.