Sharpe Family Singers Share Harmonious Performance with Patients in Dallas and Orange County

A game of ‘Name that Tune’ is always a fun time, but when you have the talented Sharpe Family leading each song, it’s a game to remember forever! Patients in Dallas jammed the afternoon away over Zoom with the Sharpe Family Singers, singing Disney songs and learning all about life on the stage.

DJ Madi, who’s interested in music herself, learned about their favorite performances and even found out which Sharpe family member could hold a note the longest… Turns out Dad won! Dallas patient, Miguel, also called in for this one-of-a-kind performance, wowed by the unmatched harmonies and talent of every family member. The Sharpe’s even sang one of Madi’s favorite songs, “The Hills Are Alive,” from the Sound of Music.

Earlier in the week, the Sharpe Family Singers also made an appearance at CHOC Children's Hospital. One thing that was for certain is the amount of fun patients had playing the Sharpe’s original guess that Disney song game. Every single member of the Sharpe Family, including their dog, brought so much energy and authenticity to this special visit. 

Although the family was calling Seacrest Studios from the east coast, their amazing voices carried beautifully over the airwaves. It isn’t very often that you forget to look at the clock while on a Zoom call, but that is exactly what happened with the Sharpe family. Seacrest Studios had text messages flooding in as patients happily played along. Not only did the Sharpe family provide us with Broadway quality entertainment, they also offered free singing advice to a lucky patient who inquired about a future career.

Kind, talented and fun were the words patients shared as they reflected on their time with the Sharpe Family Singers. We look forward to following their videos as they continue to bring joy to the world through their gifts. We had a blast bringing the studio to life with the sound of music!