Shawn Mendes Makes His Third Visit To Seacrest Studios

Written By: Paul Vidas, Seacrest Studios Intern

 Shawn Mendes stopped by Seacrest Studios and played his hit song Life of The Party at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to many excited patients.

Shawn went on to explain what he believed the song meant to him, “This song is telling you that you should love yourself for who you are”.  With such an inspirational tone to the music he writes, it is no wonder he understands his rise to fame is something that doesn’t seem real.  “It was like in and out of dream worlds.”  To further that point, Shawn explained how sometimes he forgets that he is a celebrity like when he recently tagged along with a friend who was just getting a haircut.  “I got mobbed in the mall… I forgot that, that happens”.

Shawn explained that his rise to fame is due to social media, specifically Vine.  Mendes explained why he posted his videos that would change his life “Basically I put it up because I was bored.”  He described placing the video camera in the bathtub to film him against the wall so the acoustics would be better.  Though Vine was important to get Shawn noticed, he also used YouTube to learn to play the guitar.  And, early on, he had also posted videos to the site but took most of those down out of embarrassment.  “I was not a very good singer back then,” he confessed.  He credits lots of practice to getting him where he is today, about to hit the road with Taylor Swift in 2015. Thank you Shawn, for making it a fun day in studio... we always love when you visit!