Shawn Mendes Sings 'Life Of The Party' At Seacrest Studios

Recap Written By Seacrest Studios Intern, Whitney Osborne

Seacrest Studios was thrilled to welcome “Life of the Party” singer Shawn Mendes to Cincinnati Children’s while he was in town for a concert. During his visit, Shawn answered questions from callers and kids live in the studio. He explained that the start of his music career began when he recorded himself singing six-seconds of a Justin Bieber song on Vine. This video brought Shawn so much attention, he woke up with 10,000 new followers the next morning!

While visiting the studio Shawn played his hit single “Life of the Party” live for everyone watching. He then took his time to sign autographed pictures for patients (and even took a bunch of “selfies” with the patients when requested!) He also played a couple games such as “Name That Tune” and “Guess What’s Behind Me” on the green screen. Passing on some advice to the patients, Shawn Mendes talked about his Post-It project. Shawn likes to “pay it forward” by leaving kind notes on Post-Its anywhere he thinks someone might need a little boost in their day. Just a “You’re Beautiful” or some other kind words written down to brighten the day for a stranger you might not ever meet. Expressing his appreciation for the chance to come to the studio and the meaningful experience he had, Shawn’s visit left the patients, and staff, smiling from the positivity he radiated. Thanks Shawn!