Shazam! Zachary Levi visits Boston Children’s Hospital

Written by Nicole Cutinella & Kristen Bates

Zachary Levi took a break from his preparation for the Boston Fan Expo on Friday to swing by Seacrest Studios at Boston Children’s Hospital. Shazam! and Tangled fans were pumped to talk with Levi. Patients asked him if he had fun playing Shazam in the movie (he did!) and what his favorite role was (he couldn’t choose just one!). Of course, they couldn’t let him get by without yelling his famous “Shazam!” phrase for all of the kids in the studio!Levi also gave everyone his best “Toby the Chipmunk” voice from his role on Alvin and the Chipmunks. It felt as if Toby was actually in the studio! Levi even sang a few bars from the song “I See The Light” from his role as Flynn Rider in the Disney film Tangled. It was awesome!

After talking about superheroes, video games, and Disney (Levi calls himself a “Disnerd”), the interview ended and the the meet & greet began! Each family got a chance to chat with Levi and snag a photo and autograph. One patient showed him a video of her performance in her school musical. She asked the broadway star for advice about performing and Levi told her to “keep doing more plays.” Another family played a joke on him that involved a drawing of a duck and Zachary Levi pretending to be a telephone. Its hard to explain … but it made everyone in the studio crack up!

Not only did Levi make us laugh, but he also left us with some great advice: “Truly loving yourself” is the best way to go through life. We couldn’t agree more. Thanks for a fun and inspiring visit, Zachary!