Singer, Songwriter Clare Dunn Creates Musical Magic with Dallas Patients

Written by Seacrest Studios Dallas

The beauty of helping others through music rang true as Seacrest Studios patients in Dallas came together to write their very own song with singer Clare Dunn. The visit began with Clare getting to know the patients, learning about what they love. Patients Amir and Trinity joined the visit on Zoom, excited to share about their passions. Trinity shared how she loves cats and the color pink. Amir shared about his love for helping other people, especially other kids in the hospital. Then it began, Clare turned those passions into lyrics and the team started to write their first lines. 

Line by line, the patients helped Clare write every word as she weaved together a tune and uniquely composed their ideas. “I’m here for you and you’re here for me,” became the foundation of the song, inspired by the kindness and selfless spirits of the remarkable patients. They finished with a full song reflecting the theme that in Seacrest Studios, we’re not just friends, but also “family.”

Thank you, Clare, for empowering these patients through their creative ideas and producing a song they will treasure forev