Sofia Carson Brings the Magic to Boston Children’s Hospital

Sofia Carson talked Disney, strong female characters, sword-fighting and more with the patients & families of Boston Children’s Hospital on Tuesday. Everyone was so excited to meet the actress and musician and to ask her questions on the air at Seacrest Studios.

Our friends Alexis and Kailyn asked, “What is your favorite part of being a Descendants star?” Carson replied that she loves sharing such a strong female character with all her young fans. Evie, played by Carson, is the daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White. Carson explains that “Evie’s mother taught her that the most important thing about her is what she sees in the mirror”. She loves that Evie rebels against that idea and discovers that there is much more to herself than how she looks. It is a powerful message and one that Carson is proud to be a champion of.

Patient Samuel and his sister wanted to know what Carson’s favorite sport was. She laughed and admitted she was pretty clumsy so she doesn’t play many, but that she loves to dance. She also likes to watch soccer — which is perfect because Samuel likes to play soccer!

We learned that not only can Carson act, sing, and dance - she can also sword fight! Patient Ava asked if they use real swords in the movie. The answer: They don’t use real words, but they use props that are very similar to swords - just without the point. Because the props are so similar in weight and shape to real swords, Carson and the cast had to actually learn proper sword fighting from professional fencers. If you ever run into some pirates, you know who to call!

After the interview, we all teamed up to put our Disney knowledge to the test. We played a game called the Emoji Challenge, where emojis appear on the screen and players have to guess what they represent. Of course, we had to do a Disney Villain addition while we had Evie in the studio with us. She did not disappoint -  in fact, the whole group worked together to solve every single one, in a record shattering amount of time. It was a perfect way to end our visit!

Sofia Carson brought some Disney magic with her to Boston Children’s Hospital on Tuesday and left everyone with big smiles. It is a visit we won’t forget!