Sofia Wylie Shares Her Approach to Acting with Patients in DC

It felt like the start of something new when actress, singer, dancer and social media influencer Sofia Wylie spent a fall afternoon in Seacrest Studios. Sofia (who was given the name DJ Hey Hey It’s Sharpay) met patients and families at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. and Boston Children’s Hospital

Patient DJ Sophie started off by asking Sofia what her inspiration was behind her hit character as Gina Porter in the breakout show, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. “I used my real life a lot… there was this one girl that I knew who was so mean to me growing up and so I used her meanness as my meanness and channeled that, which I now thank her for. Even though she was so mean to me, I’m like ‘thank you for that experience because now I get to draw from you’ and to create a character from it.”

DJ Sophie agreed that it was amazing and powerful that the actress was able to transform a hard time during her life and turn it into a positive! The pair also bonded over their shared love of musicals, theatre and the arts! 

Next up, Sofia met DJ Swag who was excited to ask that star what her favorite horror movie was in honor of the start of October! Sophia mentioned she likes found-footage type of horror movies like Paranormal Activity 4. DJ Swag said that the Conjuring 1 & 2 are her favorites. The two joked by saying they plan on having a sleepover and will stay up all night watching scary movies together! 

We then traveled up north where Sofia met Parker (DJ Warm Hugs) who was calling in from Boston Children’s Hospital! Parker, who is a huge fan of the Disney star, asked Sofia how she got her start in acting and how she prepares for each of her roles. However, the biggest question that DJ Warm Hugs wanted to know was if Sofia likes Taylor Swift: Great news! We found out that Sofia is a huge Swiftie just Parker.

Wrapping up the visit, Sofia met patient DJs Ashley and Mic from Children’s National. All three bonded over their love of dying their hair funky colors, dancing and reading! The visit wasn’t over until Sofia was asked to cast her favorite celebrities in her own rendition of High School Musical! 

Sofia helped our hearts bop all the way to the top when she shared that the best advice she ever received was when her dad told her that no matter what you are going through, whether it is positive or negative, that it will pass with time and that no moment lasts forever. By the end of the end of Sofia’s advice, we felt like we were all in this together and we were on cloud 9, soaring and flying for the rest of the day!