Summer Cools Down with a Virtual Visit from Elsa!

Written by Seacrest Studios at Children's National 
Content provided by Seacrest Studios at Children's National

Yesterday five Seacrest Studios’ were on top of the world! Some might even say they were “Defying Gravity” when Broadway legend Idina Menzel called in for a virtual visit! Patients tuned in from D.C., BostonDenver, Dallas and Orange County,, making the afternoon one we will never forget.

It was truly a “If/Then” moment of self-reflection and wisdom when DJ Nicole asked Idina what advice she would give to her 15-year-old self. Idina reminded us that what matters most is being in the now and remembering to “celebrate who you are!”

Just like many characters she has played before, she reminded us to be ourselves and to show off what makes us special. DJ Megan, in Boston, put Idina on the spot asking her about her most embarrassing moment. Idina handled it like the star she is and made us double her in laughter with her story!

DJ Tessa, in Colorado, went “Into the Unknown,” with Idina when she pitched her idea for Frozen 3. We will give you a clue it involves a lot more of Kristoff, Sven and trolls! All we can say is Idina, “because (we) knew you (we) have been changed…for good!”