Super Tuesday with Chris Hemsworth at Children's National

This week, Chris Hemsworth got a chance to meet the real life superheroes of Children’s National when he joined us for a virtual visit! Thor surprised nurses and staff members who work on the hospital’s COVID-19 designated unit with a special message. He said he only plays a Superhero on screen but that our nurses and staff are the real superheroes! 

Super is an understatement when it comes to the impressive questions the patient DJs asked Thor!  But first, Chris was asked to come up with his own DJ name! He decided to come up with the name DJ Lightning Thunder inspired by his Avenger alter-ego. 

The rest of the Avengers crew weren’t able to assist Thor when he became bombarded with questions from our patient DJs! He was asked a wide range of questions including his favorite emoji, his favorite superhero (besides himself of course), his favorite Thor movie and even his favorite horror film! Thor even helped DJ Curly Q and DJ Becca Boo surprise DJ Brian by singing him “Happy Birthday!” 

The virtual visit wasn’t complete until our patient DJs showcased their own superpowers in a video they helped create with the studio team. Our patients’ powers ranged from bravery, strength and intellect to being super sassy and fashionable! Our patients were so inspired by Chris’ visit that they even created their own Thor hammer to help give them strength to power through their hospital stay! At the end of the visit, DJ Smiley Riley even shared with Thor that he “smashed through cancer!” Chris Hemsworth said the patient-led video was better than any Marvel movie he has been a part of! 

Chris’ superpowers of kindness and laughter inspired all of our patients, families and staff here at Children’s National. You taught us that you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero! We hope you stop by next time you are visiting the States! Our patients can help save the day with you and our very own Thor hammer!