Switchfoot Surfs Their Way Through Seacrest Studios Charlotte

Grammy-award winning rock band, Switchfoot, stopped by Seacrest Studios Charlotte during the group’s spring tour and ended up transforming Levine Children’s Hospital into a concert venue.

Patients and families joined in the fun as the double-platinum recording artists sat down for an interview and performance of some of the hit songs that have made us love this group of five.

Jon Foreman and his brother, Tim, teamed up with Chad Butler, Jerome Fontamillas, and Drew Shirley to form a band whose name comes from a surfing term that our patients can relate to during treatment.

To switch feet, according to Jon, a surfer (they all LOVE the sport) takes a new stance facing the opposite direction. “It’s about change and movement, a different way of approaching life and music.”

It seemed perfect, and fitting, for the group and . . . our patients!
Switchfoot really enjoyed it when one special patient called in to the studio from her hospital room to ask questions about the group’s friendships and the instruments they all play. These incredible artists really came into focus when the group’s music was used in the movie, A Walk To Remember.

Switchfoot gets regular requests for its hit songs - including one that they performed in Seacrest Studios using guitar, and the banjo - Dare You To Move.

It was a walk, and a day, to remember!