Teen Pop Sensations Cody Simpson and Ryan Beatty Perform at Seacrest Studios

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Teen pop-stars Cody Simpson and Ryan Beatty stopped by the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Medical Center before a concert in Dallas. The musicians are traveling the country this summer as Beatty opens for Simpson’s Paradise tour. The teen heartthrobs visited the studio separately, each performing original songs and opening up about life in the spotlight. Simpson performed an acoustic version of his hit single “Pretty Brown Eyes”, and Beatty performed his originals “Hey L.A.”and “Every Little Thing”.

Simpson said his career took off after becoming a YouTube sensation with millions of viewers. The 16-year-old Aussie has gone from recording music in his bedroom to touring with musicians like Justin Bieber. “People started listening and started requesting me to do different songs. It just sort of snowballed,” he said. “I was excited when I got 100 views on YouTube, and then 1,000 views.” Beatty shares a similar story. The 17-year-old also gained fame on YouTube and used the platform to attract a massive fan base. Beatty said he and Simpson met in 2011 and quickly became close pals. He was thrilled when Simpson asked him to tour with him this summer. “Rather than a business thing, it was like ‘Hey, you want to come on tour?’ It is really cool to go on tour with friends,” he said.

The two have full plates as they finish high school, learn to drive, tour the nation, and hang out with millions of screaming admirers. Simpson will release his new album, Surfers Paradise, in July and his autobiography in the fall. We are thankful that they took time to stop by the studio and spend time with some of their biggest fans!