The All-American Rejects Sing At CHOP!

The All-American Rejects hung out at Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia this past weekend and the patients learned all about "Kids In The Street," the first new album they have released since 2008. They told the patients the reason they waited so long to release a new album was because they really wanted to take their time and make each song unique and special. They wanted to share some of their new music with everyone and played an acoustic version of their song “I For You.” The guys spoke about how they originally formed the band. Nick and Tyson were friends in highschool and one day when they played a show they met Chris and Mike, who were playing for the band opening for them, and asked them to join the group.

They have been extremely close ever since and their friendship continues to grow because of their love for music. It’s good that they all like each other because since 2008 they have traveled the world twice and toured all around the country. When talking about touring, they explained “touring is as close as you can get to time travel, because you go to bed in one place and wake up in another!” When asked what their favorite songs to play were, they said that “Dirty Little Secret” and “It Ends Tonight” are a lot of fun and they really enjoying playing them. They also talked about what they would be doing if they were not in the band… Nick said he would most likely have a paper route and Tyson said he would want to be a science teacher.

They also let us in on their own dirty little secret, they all love cupcakes! We are sure they will definitely be eating a lot of those next week when Tyson turns 28! Everyone at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia were excited to meet, interview and listen to The All-American Rejects and we want to thank them for stopping by!

You can watch the music video to their album-titled single, “Kid In The Street” here.