The Band Light Brings Sunshine to Seacrest Studios

When their high school production of “Footloose” was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Konnor Dolberry, Garrett Goodrich, Jack Glenn and Trevor Young never thought it would lead to them forming a band and traveling the country. Now known as The Band Light, they stopped by Seacrest Studios in Children’s National Hospital to talk about all things ‘rockstar’ with patients.

Patients got to learn more about the group; including how they come up with song ideas their dream collaborations and secret talents fans may not know about (queue Garrett’s Chewbacca impression). Patients even heard a live performance of the group’s newest single “Flower Song.”

During the visit, the guys helped patients become rock stars of their own. Using Madlibs, the band helped kids in studio come up with their own song about being a rock star—which they later performed together!

When it comes to chasing your dreams, The Band Light shared their words of encouragement to all the patients at Children’s National. Drummer, Trevor Young, keeps it short and sweet, saying “Work hard and be nice, that's all it takes.” 

Thank you to The Band Light for rocking out with us in Seacrest Studios!