The Band Perry Opens Up About Being Siblings, Their Love For Facebook and Owning A Horse Named Romeo!

Written by Lauren Devoll

The Band Perry strummed their way into Children’s Medical Center of Dallas on Friday, May 3. After performing two of their favorite tunes, Kimberly, Reid, and Neil signed autographs, took pictures and chatted with patients and their families. Before the siblings performed in Seacrest Studios, they shared about their early days and career beginnings. Kimberly’s parents always encouraged her and the brothers to pursue music. Even when it came time for Kimberly to decide about attending college, they told her that “making music was the reason she was on the planet.” “There were definitely many performances when there were more people on the stage than in the audience,” Kimberly laughed, as she encouraged audience members to keep pursuing their dreams no matter the odds.

Did you know Reid has a horse named Romeo? That is just one of the cool things audience members learned as patients participated in interviewing The Band Perry. In other fun facts, Neil draws inspiration from the Beatles. If Kimberly had not been a musician, she would have been a private investigator. Her brothers say she is an excellent Facebook stalker. Also, they all love Mexican food! A big thank you to The Band Perry for sharing some time, music, and laughs with us!