The Cast of Red Band Society Visits (& Sings!) at Seacrest Studios

Video Created By: Chris Coleman (additional footage from Emily Provenza and Fox Broadcasting)

Photos Taken By: Lizzie Costello and Chris Coleman

Recap By: Lizzie Costello and Chris Coleman

Actors Charlie Rowe and Nolan Sotillo from the upcoming hospital-themed Fox television show, Red Band Society, visited with patients at Seacrest Studios in Children’s Hospital Colorado. Kids packed the studio and visitors gathered at the windows in the atrium to watch the actors share laughs while the patients asked them questions and played games in the studio. Charlie, a native of the UK, practiced his American accent, while Nolan, an avid guitar player, serenaded the audience with an acoustic version of “Yesterday” by the Beatles.

One patient asked the actors, “If you could do any sport without consequences, what would it be?” Charlie said extreme skateboarding and Nolan said wingsuit flying! Their characters share the same diagnosis on the show, Charlie and Nolan also talked about how they became friends on the set of Red Band Society. They are scheduled to start filming new episodes of the show any day now!

At the end of their visit, they played a game developed by DJ Chris called Backwards-Forwards. Charlie and Nolan each said their name while studio manager Chris Coleman recorded it and then played it backwards, which sounded like gibberish. Laughter ensued when the actors had to then repeat the backwards/gibberish version of their names. Chris recorded that version too, playing it backwards too to see how close their gibberish came to the original recording.

Thanks Charlie and Nolan for stopping by. We can’t wait to watch your show when it airs!