The Chainsmokers Make A Tour Stop At Seacrest Studios

The Chainsmokers caused a chain reaction of squeals of delight among patients and families at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta recently when Drew & Alex stopped into Seacrest Studios before their show that night. The duo talked about their initial meeting years ago when Drew bought a $14 bus ticket to New York where he met Alex and The Chainsmokers were formed. 

In the early years, the guys were realistic - they just wanted to feel proud of what they were creating and hopefully see progress. They’ll tell you great moments catapulted them to bigger moments, like awards and arena tours. The Chainsmokers have won 7 Billboard Music Awards and a Grammy, but the guys remain humble. They are enjoying the ride, knowing that things come and go. 

Their tour is aptly named WorldWide Joy and that’s exactly what Drew & Alex hope their fans feel when leaving one of their concerts. They certainly brought joy to the patients at Seacrest Studios Atlanta! Thanks for all the fun!