The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Welcomed the Atlanta Falcons!

Recap by Mamie Shepherd

“Thrilling Thursday” at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta kicked off with excitement when 31 Atlanta Falcons players stopped by for a visit! Some of those players came by The Voice to talk about everything from their insane love of shoes to what a typical training day for them is like. Cody Pearcy, Phillip Manley, Pat Schiller, Lamar Holmes, Rico Council, and Kenny Stafford dropped by the studio to tackle an interview and greet some patients.

The players told patients how they practice from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. every day and how extremely competitive they are. We put their competitive skills to the test with a little game of “Guess What?!” – and they thought boot camp had not started yet!

After a quick draft of potential players, the teams were set and ready to up their winning percentage. The patients loved watching the athletes describe words to one another.

After a close game, the players were put through another intense round of rapid-fire questions where we learned that some of them sing Taylor Swift songs in the shower. Other players own as many as 65 pairs of shoes!

When asked advice for future football stars, these Falcons had great suggestions.

Tips on how to become a pro athlete from pro athletes:

1. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Be persistent and persevere.

2. Be coachable – listen to your coaches!

3.Don’t work on what you’re good at, work on what you’re not good at.

4.When you get an opportunity, take it!

5. Stay focused. The Voice at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta definitely scored a touchdown by having these players come by. The Voice at CHOA has the home field advantage with such inspiring role models representing Atlanta.

Thanks to the Atlanta Falcons for taking time to come by. Your fans at The Voice say “RISE UP!” We will be cheering you on this season!