The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Welcomed British pop sensation The Wanted to The Voice!

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia recently welcomed a visit to The Voice from British pop sensation The Wanted! After spending time in the studio and singing an acoustic version of their hit “Glad You Came,” the guys (Tom, Max, Siva, Jay and Nathan) opened up about the band, touring and their experience in the United States so far. The patients at CHOP learned that the band got their name after Nathan made “Wanted” signs with all of their faces to advertise for a “Wild West” type of song. The group actually came together from a universal competition with a very long audition process.

After the band was formed (they had just met) they were all asked to move in together. Even though they all grew up in different cities and have very unique personalities and senses of style, they quickly became as close as brothers! As the band travels around the United States they become more and more fascinated with all of the different weather across the country (they went from a warm Miami day to a wet and cold one in New England). They explained that this is much different from the weather in the UK and takes getting used to.

After learning about them, the children at CHOP taught The Wanted about Philadelphia…first up, how to properly order a Philly Cheesesteak! They had to make an exception for Jay, who is a vegetarian, explaining he would have to order a "whiz and onions without the steak." The band also let the children know that while in Philadelphia they planned on reenacting a scene from “Rocky” by running up the Art Museum’s steps! The children loved spending time with The Wanted and we would like to thank them for their visit!