The Clemson Football Team Sings At Seacrest Studios!

A sea of orange flooded Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta just a few days after Christmas. The Clemson football team, in Atlanta for the Chick-fil-A Bowl, made a special stop between practices to visit some adoring fans at CHOA.

A group of players, and even the head coach, came by Seacrest Studios for an interview. Head coach, Dabo Swinney, brought the team’s quarterback, Tajh Boyd, the team’s center, Dalton Freeman, and the team’s defensive end, Malliciah Goodman, into our studio. The ACC players told us about gearing up for a bowl game against an SEC team like LSU.

Quarterback, Tajh Boyd, assured us they were not nervous about the game saying, “This is what we prepare for.” When Coach Swinney talked about the players knowing the Clemson Alma Mater, there was no turning back! The sound system turned out the melody and the players chimed in.

Check out the audio clip, below, of the Clemson football players’ rendition of the university’s alma mater.

They brought the house down and might just be the next contestants for American Idol! Great advice was given from the players to patient athletes listening. Dalton Freeman emphasized the importance of staying focused. He said, “Be selfishly goal-oriented. Don’t buy into what anyone else says. Believe in yourself and your dreams.”

There was a moment in the interview when Coach Swinney gave great advice that made us all feel like we were in the locker room, before a big game, ready to go out onto the field! Coach Swinney told patients, “There’s only certain things in life we control. We control our attitude and when you understand and learn the power in that, it changes your life and it creates opportunity you may not get otherwise. You have that choice every single day. I don’t care what’s going on around you, try to find something good in it, because when you learn that mentality, it makes you a happier person and better able to deal with whatever situation you are in.”

The players and Coach Swinney played a quick round of Guess What?! before they made their way up to the patient floors. Everyone in our studio enjoyed watching the football players try to describe and guess phrases like “Mr. Potato Head” and “Walt Disney World” to one another!

CHOA, and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, appreciate the time the team took out of a hectic practice schedule to visit the patients in Atlanta. “Let’s Go Tigers!”