The Cumberland Collective Makes Beautiful Music At CHOA!

Recap by Mamie Shepherd

Less than one year into the collaborative union of 15 musicians in Nashville, The Cumberland Collective, jazzed up the scene at The Voice at CHOA. Heads were bobbing, fingers were snapping, toes were tapping, and bodies were swaying as the individual artists came together to produce great music.

On the way to an appearance at popular Atlanta hotspot, Eddie’s Attic, The Cumberland Collective stopped in at The Voice to entertain and raise the spirits of those who gathered to join in the fun. With the help of some of the patients keeping the beat, The Cumberland Collective held what felt like a very cool jam session (see video below!).

A bit of blues, folk, and gospel topped off with a hint of jazz, the band’s style is hard to pinpoint. It’s unique and catchy - not a single listener sat still as the singers and songwriters produced their own special brand of music magic! On their second visit to The Voice, TCC left all behind wanting more of “The Music That Moves