The Fray Sings at CHOA!

The Fray Visited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and talked in studio about their music, their favorite things, and their sure-fire way of knowing if a song is going to be a hit! While visiting The Voice, the The Fray played three songs: “How To Save A Life,” their new song “Heartbeat” and the "Toy Story" classic, “You’ve Got A Friend in Me.” They told the kids that it is very important to them if their children like their songs. In fact, they won’t release a new song or video without running it by Joe’s daughter first! They actually got rid of a music video that they spent a lot of time and money on because his daughter felt it was “too scary!”

The kids were very excited to hear just how much their opinions mattered. While at The Voice the band also passed a guitar to a teen patient and watched him play. The patient was very happy to be able to show off his skills! It wouldn’t be a complete visit if the band wasn’t asked questions that came directly from the patients.

When asked what animals they would want to be, they answered a monkey, gorilla, cheetah and bear. And when they were asked to choose a super power, they choose the ability to fly and be invisible. Being fathers themselves, the guys were very happy to stop in and visit with all of the Children at CHOA.

The kids were thrilled to spend this quality time with The Fray and we are very thankful that they stopped by!