The Fresh Beat Band Stops By CHOA!

The Fresh Beat Band stopped by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta bringing smiles to all of their happy fans! Arriving with posters, CD’s and lots of goodies, the patients were so excited to get autographs from the group. The band even took time to sing with a four-year old patient (who knew all the words to the song).

When asked about touring, the band let the patients know that they travel all around the country on one bus. If they are ever feeling tired from all the traveling they are immediately energized by the cheers of their fans. So if you are a fan of The Fresh Beat Band, like we are, remember to cheer loudly at their next show! The Fresh Beat Band left the patients with some inside scoop…sometimes the producers use the actors’ hidden talents in the episodes.

We thought that was really cool! It was such a great day at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

We wanted to thank the band for stopping by and we hope they visit again soon!