The Piano Guys Challenge A Patient To A Dance-Off During Seacrest Studios Visit

 Recap Written By: Paula Cuadrado

Video By: Chance Harris 

The Piano Guys, known for their unique take on popular music on classical instruments, entertained patients at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas with a musical performance and a dance-off. Several patients helped interview the members of The Piano Guys in Seacrest Studios where we learned how the group got started and some of their favorite moments from their viral videos. 
Jon and Steve then treated the patients to a unique performance. They played their version of “Let it Go” from Frozen and then did something unexpected. Jon turned around and played the piano upside-down! Then, while Steve played a percussion beat on his cello, Jon showed off some pretty wild dance moves. He then tapped Joseph, 15, to jump in and start dancing. Joseph, who told The Piano Guys he was a dancer, wowed the crowd with spins, jumps and acrobatics. What an amazing, improvised performance with The Piano Guys and one of our talented patients! Thank you to The Piano Guys for vising Seacrest Studios and wowing us with your music and epic dance moves!