The Plain White T's Add Seacrest Studios to Tour

Our heads were up in the clouds, and we couldn’t dream of coming down after we fell into the “Rhythm of Love” with the Plain White T’s! Levine Children’s Hospital had a full studio and lobby all cheering on the iconic group during their recent visit to Seacrest Studios.

Charlotte was the first stop on the band’s 2024 tour, but the real show took place inside the studio. Patients, families and staff alike gathered to ask the hard-hitting questions. DJ Micah wanted to know, "Which role would each member take if they all had to swap roles within the band?" Tom decided to take a step away from the lead microphone and switch roles with De’Mar on the drums. Tim expressed his desire to stay on the strings, but swapped lead guitar to try the bass guitar. Truly, we think a swapped show would be epic!

The trio in attendance wowed the audience as they gave a VIP acoustic performance of their hit song “Hey There Delilah”. The magic of music took over the space as moms sang to their children and staff sang to their patients. The whole room lit up with the beauty of the words performed by the band.

The day was beyond special, and it will be one the Queen City will not soon forget. From all our patients and families to the Plain White T’s, “There's only one thing... to do... three words for you...” We love you!