The Plain White T's Stopped By CHOP!

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was excited to welcome the Plain White T’s into The Voice. The five band members sat down to give a great interview and took time to sign autographs and meet with all the children in the studio. While in The Voice, CHOP got the inside scoop on being on tour with The Plain White T’s. The first thing they talked about was traveling in style! When the band first started out, the guys used to travel by van to all of their concerts. They were so excited when they were upgraded to tour buses.

A cool insider’s fact: they get to rent a new tour bus in every city they travel to! They also talked about their extensive guitar collections and that they prefer acoustic guitars to electric ones. After singing their hit song "Hey There Delilah,” Tom Higgenson talked about the inspiration behind the track. The kids were shocked to find out that he had only met Delilah one time before he wrote the song. Tom had met Delilah at a party and someone joked that he liked her so much that he had already written a song about her. He decided to call their bluff, wrote the song and then told everyone it would be his best hit. He ended up taking her as his date to the Grammy's!

It was a great day at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the children were so happy to have the chance to meet, learn about and listen to the Plain White T’s.a