The Ready Set Gets Interviewed By The Patients At Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!

The Ready Set stopped by Seacrest Studios at CHOP before playing at the Jingle Ball on Wednesday night. The patients were really excited to sit down and talk to him and the first question they asked: where did you come up with the name The Ready Set? It turns out that he choose a band name because he was writing music to be played by a band. The name is supposed to symbolize being ready to set your fears and inhibitions behind. Now he always tours with a full band (and they all visited with him in Studio.)

When asked how he comes up with songs, he explained that when he writes music, he starts with lyrics and a piano and then adds in more electronic instruments and drums later on. He thinks of the songs as puzzle pieces he has to put together. He really likes being on tour, but has had a few embarrassing moments along the way. He always seems to be tripping on stage and one time he dropped his microphone and it flew 15 feet across the stage and into the crowd. Some of the patients went on to ask some cool questions:

Emily asked: What superpower would you have and why?

Answer: I would want to fly. No particular reason, but it would be the most useful superpower to just be able to fly away from any awkward situations that may occur. I would like to fly over the ocean and hang out with the dolphins. -Brandon asked: When did you start playing and recording music? Answer: At age 17. I have been playing drums since age 11 but moved on to other instruments and writing and recording music at age 17.

Bobby asked: Who is your favorite singer?

Anwer: Too many favorites to count. I like to keep an open mind and listen to a lot of different genres. I would love to work with Bruno Mars. Then we asked him one of the most important questions we always ask at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia…which Philly Cheese Steak is your favorite…to which he answered, Pat’s!

He will be touring until December 21st and will take a break for the holidays (he will spend it with his family) and will be back at the end of January. He hopes to finish up a new album at the end of January.

We can’t wait for The Ready Set’s new album and would like to thank him for stopping by and hanging out! We hope to see The Ready Set again soon!