The Script Makes Their First Visit To CHOA!

For the first time…The Script made a trip to the broadcasting studio at THE VOICE at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!

Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan, and Glen Power had patients falling to pieces when they sat down for an interview during their tour stop in Atlanta. With a concert scheduled for later that night, the band still managed to stop long enough to talk about everything from the inspiration for their music to Spongebob. They even attempted their best Southern accents with the children at the studio!

Not only does the band write their own songs, the group has also written songs for other artists, including, American Idol alum, Kris Allen. The Irish artists say that there is “no real formula” for writing their songs. “We treat every song like it’s the first we’ve really written" They went on to explain, "Lyrics are so important to us that we really, really analyze every single thing. We want to mean every single word we’re saying in every song.”

When they were asked what their most memorable performance was, they said that performing with U2 in front of 82,000 people in their hometown of Dublin, was the “most amazing feeling.” The Script was full of energy at THE VOICE, telling patients that their pre-performance ritual includes an intense handshake that, if broken, has to start all over again.

As a side tip, The Script gave good advice for what to do when you get a song stuck in your head…sing Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting. They guarantee that song is the cure! It was a very special day at THE VOICE at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and both the band and the patients were moved by the