The Unlikely Candidates Perform in Seacrest Studios at Children's National!

The Unlikely Candidates made their first Seacrest Studios visit to patients and families at Children's National in Washington D.C. 

DJ $ara, our Seacrest Studios patient correspondent, took over the mics and asked the band some awesome questions! We learned that when they’re on tour, they like to bring a blanket and pillow from home because it brings them comfort when they travel. 

Patients also joined the band for a fun round of Would you Rather! During the game, we asked would they rather perform a duet with Elton John or have a dance battle with Beyoncé. Their answers were split—half of the band wanting to join Elton John on stage and the other half wanting to dance it out with Beyoncé!

At the end of their visit, The Unlikely Candidates performed their song “Trampoline” live for patients and families. The energy was so strong and so positive in the studio that the guitarist actually broke his guitar strings in the middle of the song!

 Thank you for an awesome visit! We hope to see you soon!