The Vamps Perform For Patients At Seacrest Studios

Recap Written By Seacrest Studios Intern, Kevin Shirley

The same day that The Madden Brothers visited Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the patients were surprised with a special second visit, from The Vamps. The British band hung out with patients and sang in Seacrest Studios.

Lead guitarist and vocalist James McVey talked about how the band came together. It all started when he went on the internet with the hopes of starting a band. First, he met lead vocalist and guitarist Brad Simpson through YouTube. Simpson described their first real-life encounter as being similar to “two friends meeting for the first time.” Soon after, drummer Tristan Evans and bassist Connor Ball joined the band. They displayed their musical talent on YouTube, which has led to them getting their first record deal, with the album reaching the U.S. this November.

The Vamps could not be more grateful for their rising fame. Simpson described the large crowds they have recently attracted as “very humbling.” The huge rise in audience has presented a bit of a learning curve, but as Simpson explained to CHOP, “the more shows you play, the more you get into the swing of things.” The band seems to have no intentions of slowing down; the members agreed that playing Madison Square Garden in New York would be a dream come true.

In addition to making music, The Vamps have other fun activities they like to do in their free time. The band members are big fans of video games like Mario Kart and World of Warcraft, as well as films ranging Harry Potter to The Notebook. When asked about the traditional English breakfast, McVey confessed that he was not a huge fan of tea, although Simpson had a cup of the warm beverage in hand. After playing a song in the studio, the band took pictures with the patients, while also signing autographs. Their generous visit to the studio is something the people at CHOP are incredibly grateful for. Many thanks to The Vamps!