The Wiggles Hang Out At CHOA!

Recap by Mamie Shepherd

Wiggle Mania has officially hit The Voice at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta! The Wiggles, also known as “The Beatles for Babies,” wiggled their way into our studio, and into our hearts, to perform and cheer up patients! Anthony, Jeff, Murray, Greg, and Captain Feathersword came in full force before their big concert in Atlanta and the crowd at CHOA welcomed them with open arms. On their farewell tour – Greg, Jeff, and Murray are retiring – The Wiggles sang for our patients and answered questions, including how they are able to get out of the TV and into the hospital! Yellow Wiggle, Greg, is back on tour with the group after a leave of absence due to illness.

We asked Greg what he did to stay positive while he was sick.

Such personalized attention made every heart smile. When asked about their favorite food, the group naturally responded with, “Fruit Salad” and “Hot Potato,” with a little cold spaghetti mixed in for good measure. The children (and adults) were enchanted!

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation supports a long list of incredible talent and The Wiggles rank high on that list.