Timbaland & Obs3ssed make funny faces and dance during Seacrest Studios visit

Recap by: Paula Cuadrado Video by: Chance Harris

The Seacrest Studios was filled with smiles, laughter and dancing when the girls from Obs3ssed stopped by Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. Loren, Ashley and McKenzie of Obs3ssed were so excited to meet some new friends in studio. Danica, who is 6, taught the girls some new dance moves when she showed them how to dance to the Gummy Bear Song. 

Timbaland called in on Skype to say hi to all the kids in Seacrest Studios and those who were watching from their hospital rooms. Timbaland made funny faces and silly voices during the visit and enjoyed seeing all the kids. We got to learn more about the girls of Obs3ssed during a game of “Obs3ssed or NOT Obs3ssed” where Loren, Ashley and McKenzie let us know what topics they loved and which ones they didn't. Thank you Timbaland and Loren, Ashley and McKenzie of Obs3ssed for coming to see everyone at Seacrest Studios in Dallas and sharing your love and joy! We loved meeting you all!