All Time Low Interviewed By Patients At Seacrest Studios Colorado

Written recap:
 Seacrest Studios intern, Victoria Cheng 
Video: Footage from Seacrest Studios intern, Leticia Zulian and Seacrest Studios staffer Micah Bridges, edited by Chris Coleman 
Prep and Live Production: Seacrest Studios intern, Gavyn Bills and Seacrest Studios staffer Cody Hudson  

All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick, and Rian Dawson stopped by the Seacrest Studio at Children’s Hospital Colorado to meet patients and their families. Kids in the studio (and in the hospital rooms) were extremely excited to get to talk to these rock stars. 

Isaac kicked off the interview with: “What is your favorite app to use on your phone?” Alex said he was really into all social media platforms, but he recently discovered a new hiking app that maps out every trail in the States. Jack mentioned that he plays Mario twenty times a day, and both Rian and Zack joked that he also has an app to turn up the game volume louder then it should be. 

After that, All Time Low continued to answer questions from Madi and Bree, who asked, “How does it feel to know that your music has such a big impact on people and what is the most rewarding part of making music?” The band mentioned how wonderful their fans are and that it is an incredible feeling to have made a difference. “To have people tell us how the music has gotten them through a hard time or anything like that…it’s the most incredible piece of what we get to do, because it’s bigger than us,” said Alex. Rian added to that statement, saying, “To us, we just feel like the same four guys that were practicing in our parents’ basement, so to know that we have an impact on anyone’s life, no matter how big or how small, it’s something we never imagined.” 

This got a good laugh from the crowd, as it was followed up by a question asking if they ever got kicked out of the basement, they practiced in. “If it ever got too loud in the basement,” Rian continued. “My mom would flip the lights on and off, and that would mean silence right away.” The other band members agreed not to mess with Mom, much to every parent’s delight. 

Later, Abri asked All Time Low, “If you could have 1000 of anything orange, what would it be?” Jack immediately said he wanted 1000 orange Skittles, while Rian went big with 1000 orange Lamborghinis. Alex decided on 1000 oranges because he’s “big on freshly-squeezed juice.” Of course, according to tradition, the band was asked to play Backwards Forwards. Together, the band recorded their name, “All Time Low”, then laughed at how difficult the backwards version was. However, they did a great job recording the phrase backwards forwards and ended up with a new name, “All Slime Low”. 

The interview ended with a quick round of “Most Likely To…”, revealing that the band members have a big “No Pranks” rule and Alex is the most likely to call his mom when he is sick. The band left the kids with some encouraging words and advice, saying, “Keep smiling. Smiles and a positive attitude are really contagious. You don’t know what other people are going through so just shooting someone a random smile can really help.” 

Autographs and photographs rounded out the visit. Patients and families brought magazines and personalized jackets for the band to sign, providing a wonderful opportunity to get to see the band face to face. Many thanks to All Time Low for visiting Children’s Hospital Colorado!