Todrick Hall & His Dancers Perform For Patients At Seacrest Studios

Seacrest Studios in Charlotte, NC was filled with energy and excitement when multi-talented Broadway actor, and YouTube sensation, Todrick Hall, made a stop at Levine Children’s Hospital! Todrick brought his crew of dancers, and loads of fun, to a studio full of fans during a break from his touring show, The Toddlerz Ball. Popular among social media followers (he has 1.4 million on YouTube), Todrick told patients all about his successes in making viral videos on YouTube. Hall can claim bragging rights to over 200 MILLION views on YouTube alone, yet he generously stopped to talk to patients about some good ideas they could use for making viral videos of their own from right inside the hospital! 

Being huge Disney fans gave Todrick, and his dancers, the upper hand during a round of Disney trivia! You could tell the group was close. The crowd in Seacrest Studios learned fun facts about Todrick. For instance, when he was younger, people used to tell him he looked like Lil Bow Wow! He is a very good juggler, and he collects Wizard of Oz themed things! When asked how long it takes to make one of his videos, Todrick told Seacrest Studios that, with the help of his awesome team, they can turn a video around in as short as 24 hours! Todrick even told us about becoming friends with Beyoncé, and how he became known as “The Beyoncé Guy:” “Beyoncé found me online. She saw my YouTube videos that were attached to her name, and she fell in love with them. She had her people call me and hire me to do choreography for one of her music videos. I was completely blown away! It was such an awesome opportunity to get to sit in the room and watch her work, and watch her create, and watch to see how hands-on she was with the production. It made me go and want to be a better entertainer, be a better producer, and be a better director. I learned so much from watching her.” Todrick and his team performed two songs for the patients at Levine Children’s Hospital. One even included 12 chairs in a row (see video)! This August, Todrick will be featured in his own show on MTV. All of his new friends at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte will be watching and cheering him on!