Tori Kelly Interviewed In Seacrest Studios Nashville

Recap Written by: Lexi Miller, Seacrest Studios Intern Video by Katie Klochany, Seacrest Studios intern

Grammy nominated Tori Kelly visited Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt while she was in town for her Unbreakable tour. Tori performed the title track of her newest album, “Unbreakable Smile.” The Southern California girl shared with patients that finding her inner peace at the beach is the way she remains unbreakable. 

Tori lightened many patients’ days by answering some questions about her quirks, things she likes to do on her days off and ways she prepares for going on tour. She shared with us that she has started collecting pins for her jean jacket from each city she has visited on this tour. We also learned that Tori loved music before she could even fully talk as a child! 
Tori gave us great tips for making a good YouTube music video and encouraged patients that anyone can do it! She said she prefers a raw and “stripped down” musical performance and urged everyone to learn how to play an instrument. She explained how important being able to play an instrument has been in her life as means of companionship. The first instrument Tori ever learned was the drums, and now she plays the guitar as well. 

At the end of the visit, Tori signed autographs and met a ton of her fans in the hospital! Many thanks to Tori Kelly for her amazing visit and we hope to see her again very soon!