Tove Lo & Hey Violet Visit Seacrest Studios in Philadelphia!

Recap by staff member Andrea Dillard 

This year’s iHeartRadio Jingle Ball tour stop brought artists Tove Lo and American band Hey Violet to Seacrest Studios at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Hey Violet raved about listening to a wide range of music from jazz, classical, and rock, to Ariana Grande and even a visiting patient's favorites from High School Musical! They also filled us in on how they like to binge watch parodies and memes of Bee Movie when they aren't busy working on music.  Before leaving the band sang one of their favorite Holiday songs “Last Christmas” and gave us a mini glance of their “brand new moves” by dancing to “Can’t Stop the feeling”! 

We later learned a lot about Tove Lo and how she started out with music by acting out and singing Disney movies in Swedish! With 2016 coming to an end she let us know that one of her greatest accomplishments this year was releasing her 2nd album and short film both on her birthday! Before leaving she left our patients with some simple, but important advice... “If you love it and it makes you feel great keep doing it”! 

Special Thanks to both Hey Violet and Tove Lo for stopping by!