Tove Lo Plays “Tove Luv or Tove Nah” At Seacrest Studios

Written by Seacrest Studio interns, Sidni Espinosa and Rosa Pyo

Swedish singer and songwriter Tove Lo visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s National in Washington, D.C. with high energy and bright blue hair. She entered the studio to the roar of patient’s applause and answered questions, played a silly game, and sang songs.

Her contagious smile filled the room as patients asked her “Would You Rather” questions. Baby Shark is the #1 requested song at our studio so our patient DJs put her to the test. After the tough decision of choosing to cover “Let it go” or “Baby Shark,” our esteemed guest answered correctly with “Baby Shark.” With cheers and laughs, Tove Lo led the crowd through the entire song. Hand movements included!

It was just our luck that Tove Lo’s visit was during our first ever Seacrest Studio Harry Potter week. As a member of Ravenclaw, Tove Lo was excited to share her favorite Harry Potter moments with the other patient DJs. The studio had an assortment of patients who belonged in Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. Tove Lo hair even matched Seacrest Studio’s staple color: blue

After the interview, the studio joined her in playing the game “Tove Luv or Tove Nah.” Our patient DJs asked her if she liked or disliked certain things like Twinkies (Tove Luv) or reality TV shows (Tove Nah).  Controversially, she “Tove Luvs” pineapple on pizza much to the horror and agreement of the patients. 

The self-proclaimed Ravenclaw then sang an acoustic version of her new single “Glad He’s Gone.” To wrap up the day, Tove Lo joined us in the back of the studio for a meet and greet and pictures. However, the visit was still incomplete. Her next plan: sing happy birthday to a very special patient upstairs!

Tove Lo was such an amazing guest at Seacrest Studios in Children’s National and we were so lucky to have her come and visit. All of our patients and DJs cannot wait to see what she does next!