Travis Scott Celebrates Seacrest Studios' 8th Birthday at CHOA!

You know it’s a big deal when E! News wants the scoop…and a BIG DEAL it was when rapper and record-producer, Travis Scott stopped into Seacrest Studios recently to help celebrate the studios’ 8th birthday at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. 

Though there was already a party vibe with decorations and cupcakes, Travis was definitely the icing on the cake to this birthday celebration!  Also worth celebrating….the success of Travis Scott’s latest studio album, Astroworld, which has officially made it to platinum status!  The generous star even went out of his way to bring birthday presents (in the form of tour merchandise!), so every single patient walked away with their choice of hat, t-shirt or sweatshirt! 

It was a lively and fun Q&A session with the patients and when one parent asked how tough it was to be on tour without his baby daughter, Travis was happy to share that he brought his two favorite roadies—Kylie Jenner and Stormi--along with him! It really got interesting when we played a round of “Scott or Not” and learned he’s okay with wearing matching holiday pajamas but not so much when it comes to changing diapers (many others in attendance would agree!) 

It was certainly a visit we’ll never forget! Thank you Travis for making this Seacrest Studios’ birthday the BEST yet! #8isgreat!