Vance Joy Sings 'Riptide' At Seacrest Studios In Charlotte

Singer/songwriter, Vance Joy, brought happiness to patients at Levine Children’s Hospital during a recent tour stop, and first ever trip to Charlotte, NC. Currently on the 1989 World Tour with Taylor Swift, Vance talked to patients in Seacrest Studios about being on the road – his mom doesn’t like having him gone from home for eight months – and about his friendship with Taylor, “She’s lovely.” He told patients he watches Taylor’s show from the crowd every night. 

Vance revealed his real name is James, and that Vance Joy was really a character in a book he was reading. When asked about the funniest piece of merchandise he has seen his face printed on, Vance told the crowd in Seacrest Studios that a group of girls once brought him underwear with his face and lyrics on them! And he wore them! This former Australian football player told patients, that when they are feeling bad, to remember that the bad times are only temporary and that good times are ahead. We definitely had a good time with Vance Joy at Levine Children’s Hospital, and we look forward to seeing him continue to impress crowds on the 1989 Tour!