The Cast of 'Earth To Echo' Talk About Pranks On Set While At Seacrest Studios

Written recap by Seacrest Studios Intern Emily Biehl

Recently, the cast of Relativity Media's newest movie Earth to Echo visited Seacrest Studios at Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC.) Teo Halm, Reese Hartwig, and Astro, of the Earth to Echo cast discussed the movie and how they have all become friends since filming. They told us all about how they used to prank each other on set, especially Teo and their co-star Ella Wahlestedt, and they gave us the inside scoop on some of their favorite memories they made while filming the movie in Valencia! The cast explained how the movie is filmed from Astro's perspective so while watching it appears that Astro's character, named Tuck, is recording their experiences with their new friend Echo on his very own camera!

CHOC was lucky enough to have an early screening of the movie, that begins playing in theaters on July 2nd, and many of the children were able to meet and take photos with the cast.

They also went around CHOC's campus to visit many of the patients who could not come down to the studio.

Thank you so much to the cast of Earth to Echo for coming to visit us at CHOC, please come back and visit us soon!