Why Don't We Brings Jingle Ball To Seacrest Studios

The holidays came early for patients and families at Seacrest Studios in Children’s National when the band, Why Don’t We, made a special stop during their Jingle Ball tour in Washington, D.C.! The boyband was greeted with a thunder of cheers and applause from a jam-packed studio full of rockstar patient DJs! The band members, Zach, Jack, Daniel, Corbyn and Jonah, were so excited to jump on air and hear what creative, unique and imaginative questions our patient DJs had up their sleeves!

The band was soon flooded with Would You Rather questions from our eager patient DJs! DJ Joselyn asked the band if they would rather win an Olympic gold medal or an Academy Award. The majority of the boyband enthusiastically chose to win an Academy Award, whereas Daniel was the only one who would rather a gold medal. Another patient DJ helped the band plan their wardrobe for their next performance by asking them if they would rather wear clown makeup every day for a year or wear a tutu every day for a year. The boys unanimously agreed on wearing pink, sparkly tutus during their next show!

Band-member Zach announced that he would love to wear a Spongebob SquarePants-inspired tutu. All the talk about tutus lit a spark in the bandmates and they decided on-air to create their own fashion line of “TutuPants.”  Be on the lookout of Why Don’t We’s line of “TutuPants” hitting stores near you! The band finished the interview by giving our patients and families amazing advice about not losing hope and always striving to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

The band got more than they bargained for when they were then spilt into two teams in competition with each other to create the best gingerbread house with the aid of our patients! Tensions got high when the boys soon found out that they would have to complete a series of silly challenges given to them by our patient DJs. Throughout the competition, the boys were asked perform a beat boxing match, have a dance battle, sing Disney songs,  do the “Dab,” and only have the ability to use one hand! After a grueling battle between the two teams, it was finally time for them to show off their gingerbread creations! Team 1 (also known as Team Apple Saucers) unveiled their cookie kingdom to a roar of applause from patients and families! Their competitors, Team Christmas In New Orleans, were starting to feel the intense pressure. Now, it was their time to shine! However, their gingerbread creation collapsed under the pressure and couldn’t handle the heat…even with the “extra” assistance of tape. Team 2 said their collapsed gingerbread house exemplified the beauty of their team’s differences. Both groups left the competition feeling accomplished and victorious, ultimately, showcasing the power of teamwork!

We can’t thank Why Don’t We enough for stopping by and bringing our patients and families the gift of laughter and hugs with them! Your genuine energy and vibrant personalities helped make the studio feel less like a hospital-setting and more like being at home for the holidays! Know that you have a huge fanbase here at Children’s National and we wish you all the best! Happy holidays from your friends at Seacrest Studios!