Wicked The Musical Visits CHOP!

Written by Maria Bryant, Seacrest Studios intern at CHOP

Cast members of the Broadway musical Wicked, currently on tour, stopped by Seacrest Studios at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Curt Hansen, Dina Bennett, Lauren Boyd, Courtney Iventosch, and Rick Desloge all answered questions from both in-studio DJs and from members of the audience about how to pursue their dreams, how the cast continues to bond with one another, and about which dinosaurs are their absolute favorites, like pterodactyls and brontosauruses.

Wicked Ensemble member Lauren Boyd told the audience that for years she had auditioned to become a dancer for the play until she finally received her long-awaited call back, which she called “a dream come true.” “Don’t give up,” Boyd said. “Keep persevering.. focus on your dreams and keep going for it.” But what happens if during a performance the actors forget a line? They just shake it off, and confidently continue with the scene.Courtney Iventosch, who plays the Witch’s Mother in the musical, said the crew is lucky to be a part of a cast and crew that get along and Ensemble member Rick Desloge added that they’re “one big family.”

Boyd also called the crew “the unseen heroes” of the play because without them, the musical wouldn't be possible. When asked whether they like performing better on Broadway or traveling on tour, cast member Curt Hansen, who plays Fiyero in the musical, admitted that while it’s great to be able to go home after their shows in New York, it’s fun to go explore the different cities the Wicked tour will be visiting. And the whole crew was interested in one Philadelphia classic in particular. Although some cast members have checked out a few locations for the Philly cheese steak, they're still looking to find the best one in the city. We are so happy the cast stopped by, it was a great day in studio!