The Wicked Witch & Tin Man Visit Seacrest Studios Atlanta

Video by: Barbara Rego (former Seacrest Studios intern) 

Patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta eagerly awaited the arrival of the Wicked Witch and the Tin Man  – as the live production of The Wizard of Oz blew into town. 

We learned that the Wicked Witch isn’t wicked at ALL! fact, Shani Hadjian, who plays the Wicked Witch of the West, Ms. Gulch, charmed everyone with stories of what happened when she forgot a line in the middle of the show, started to giggle on stage from something a young audience member yelled, and the magic of how she “melts!" Jay McGill, who plays the Tin Man, confessed that Stage Fright is real (he’s had it!), and bragged that he can do an entire costume/make-up change in two minutes (because he has to!)  The actors fielded patient questions left and right which made for a wonderful afternoon. And in the end, it was unanimous…. “There’s NO PLACE like Seacrest Studios!” Many thanks for their wonderful visit!